Nature range

Find beauty in nature

Wallcoverings design makes every space elegant and calm. It underlines your taste. Nice colours do not give in to fashion and will still embrace you with warmth years later.

Grace Almond

Put a new coat on.
Your space gets more Grace.

Flair Baltic Blue

Immerse yourself in the net.
Your space gets more Flair.

Pure Terracotta

Go line by line.
Your space gets more Pure.

Charm Gold

Sway in the waves.
Your space gets more Charm.

Choose your own way how to express your nature:


Glass fibre wallcoverings not only decorate but are highly functional both in residential households and public spaces for example, hotels, cafés, schools, offices etc. You will appreciate their benefits in any space where you spend a lot of time and wish for a natural feel. Wallcoverings are easy to apply without the need for painting, they are impact resistant and if needed can be washed easily. Hence, they are always elegantly beautiful. Benifits >

How to apply

Do you want to do it your way? Get inspired in How to apply. How to apply >

Product range

Name Colour Reference
Grace Almond T8001 N
Baltic Blue T8002 N
Rice T8003 N
Nutmeg T8004 N
Sandbank T8005 N
Grape T8006 N
Snow T8007 N
Flair Almond T8011 N
Baltic Blue T8012 N
Rice T8013 N
Nutmeg T8014 N
Sandbank T8015 N
Grape T8016 N
Snow T8017 N
Moonlight T8018 N
City T8019 N
Pure Almond T8021 N
Baltic Blue T8022 N
Rice T8023 N
Nutmeg T8024 N
Sandbank T8025 N
Grape T8026 N
Snow T8027 N
Terracotta T8028 N
Charm Almond T8031 N
Baltic Blue T8032 N
Rice T8033 N
Nutmeg T8034 N
Sandbank T8035 N
Grape T8036 N
Snow T8037 N
Gold T8038 N