Fiberglass wall coverings not only decorate but are highly functional both in residential households and public spaces for example, hotels, cafés, schools, offices etc.  You will appreciate their benefits in any space where you spend a lot of time and wish for a natural feel.

Wall coverings are easy to apply without the need for painting.  They are impact resistant and can be washed easily.  Hence, they are always elegantly beautiful.


Whatever the weather is doing outside

A Scandinavian interior is about simplicity. No riot of garish colours. Light tones; white, beige, gray. Wood is the material of choice – for furniture, floors, ceilings. The focus is on a bright, well-lit space. Why not curl up under a woolen blanket with a good book.


Large, dark, modern, your own

The industrial style is full of contrasts and offbeat ideas. Living in factory spaces, showing off the infrastructure conduits, joining-up to create large open spaces. Glass, steel, brickwork, concrete, everything exposed. Don’t shy away from dark grey or black walls.


Home inspired by the whole wide world

Traditions may vary from one place to another, but they all revere nature and history. An interior in warm shades of Terracotta and warm neutrals will be complemented by wood, ceramics, textiles of your choice, all featuring nature or animal prints, and especially those with a story to tell.


Wisdom and luxury of East

Get inspired by the harmonious values espoused by Asian peoples. Settled by imposing beige, black and gold, this interior will envigorate your senses, as you bask in the exotic beauty of the furnishings. Accessories of exotic wood, bamboo or silk will add a luxurious feel.